First Post of Random Crap.

I post nothing but random crap at my MySpace Blog. So I might as well do it here too. At least for this post.

Anyone out there want 2 gently used dogs? Freddy and Maru, free to a good home. If another one barks loudly at nothing just because the windows are open in the apartment, that is how the Craigslist header will read.

I am currently addicted to Guitar Hero II for the Xbox 360. I see the little dots in my sleep, and I play the fret buttons on most everything. Is it bad that all I want to do is get a 5 star rating on Hangar 18?

Today was “Be Batshit Crazy and go to Best Buy!” day. Every customer I dealt with was off the chart nuts.

Going up north in a month to celebrate the 1st birthday with the peanut. Should be a killer good time. Anyone wanna come drink with me? Be in the Pittsburgh Area, Mothers Day weekend and we can!

We are also coming up on 2 years removed from PA. I love it down here. I think the wife secretly hates it.

Well this marks the ending of the first Blogger Blog.

I am off to sleep. I gotta get up early and play GHII and play Feed The Baby, I have the not so limited edition version with the bonus game – “Change Incredibly Stinky Diapers.”

She is a joy though. I wouldn’t change this for the world. I can’t wait until she can talk. It’s going to be interesting having her say things like, “My hovercraft is full of eels.” She will be the 2nd generation Fritz made to say that. It’s gonna rock!

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