File Under Unfortunate….

I just found out that Jason Lee will be providing the voice of Underdog in the live action movie.

This saddens me.

Jason Lee, for those that are uneducated in the View Askewniverse, would be Brodie Bruce from Mallrats, Bankie Edwards from Chasing Amy, Azrael in Dogma. He was also the voice of Syndrome in The Incredibles.

From My Name is Earl to a Talking dog in what is bound to be a steaming pile of shit.

Oh well. I guess being a whore only works for Paris Hilton.

    • Norman
    • July 10th, 2007

    Not to poor too much salt on that wound we all share, but….

    • Anonymous
    • July 11th, 2007

    yah, I pretty much wanted to break my tv when I saw that.


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