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Rock and Roll Jesus.

Kid Rock may seem like some asshole rockstar to some, and most of you out there will probably stop reading this blog right……about…….now……

Ok, for those of you out there that decided to see what I had to say about young Robert and his new album, thanks for sticking with me.

I have listened to this album about 4 times already. I have only had it a day.


Life In The Country…

Well, we are slowly getting settled into life in Mebane, NC. Thats pronounced Meb-Inn for those of you outside of NC. This little place is the reason why I moved to NC. A little slower and quieter than Cary, NC, which by now is still full of people from Southwestern PA.

In music news. The new Foo Fighters album is out, I have yet to give it a 3rd listen, the first listen went over well, I enjoyed it. The 2nd listen, not so much. Dad insists I should give it a 3rd try to see if I like it. I would do so, but the advance *ahem* copy of the new Alter Bridge album I have is preventing me from doing that. Excellent album. For those of you out there that don’t know who Alter Bridge is let me inform you, it is Creed without Scott Stapp. The Drummer and Bass Player and Mark Tremonti have teamed up with Miles Kennedy to form a sound that is very similar to Creed, wait, ok, very MUCH like Creed but without all the Jesus pretense.

I had the pleasure of seeing Transformers in IMAX a few weeks ago, and since the DVD is coming out I thought I would let everyone know that it is really worth watching, and if you can’t get to an IMAX theater to see it like I did, sit real close to your TV and put headphones on and turn the volume up to the point where it makes you nauseas. Then you might get the idea of what it was like to watch all the Michael Bay glory and a fricken ginormous screen and with 10,000 watts of sound.

That is all for now. Thanks for listening.