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Zero Hour.

I’m still up.

I guess with getting older the thrill of Christmas morning holds less of a thrill than it used to. I remember wanting to go to bed early, knowing that the sooner I went to sleep, the sooner the presents would be opened. Now, Christmas has become a counted on day off from the retail world I call home. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do. However, the day that Christmas represents to me now is not at all what it was when I was a little younger. I am not talking in a religious manner, everyone that knows me well knows my stance on organized religion. No, I am talking more about the fact that even in my High School years, the 25th was less to me about gifts and greed and more about friends and family. I remember the days of going to my aunts house, opening and watching loved ones open gifts of all shapes and sizes, laughing, eating, and catching a nap next to the tree while everyone sat and talked.

I guess I do miss living in PA a little. It could be the time of year. Who knows.

Now that I work where I work, the 25th has become more about tolerating hordes of rude and indignant people that have decided to wait until the very last minute (again this year) to attempt to buy Timmy and Sally that laptop computer or iPod that they so desperately need to have in order to fit in with the other Timmy and Sally’s of the world. I got the opportunity to ring out a customer for the Nintendo Wii that has made his family’s Christmas “worthwhile”. I wanted to puke on his shoes.

The only consolation I see, the glimmer of hope to put the spirit of the holidays back into my life is the fact that I have a daughter that is just learning about Santa and Snowmen and Jingle Bells. The fact that I will get to see her smile at the sight of Santa or a snowman, and listen to her learn all the words to carols, means that there is hope for me yet, and I will get to enjoy this time of year again through her.

Well kids. I’m actually sleepy. The presents are wrapped, the dogs steaks are cooked, Sarah and Caitlyn are fast asleep. I guess it is time for me to hit the bed, put the ipod on the sleep timer. I hope to blog again before the New Year. If not, I hope you enjoy your Christmas time festivities. I know I might.



What I Got Everyone For Xmas!

Kidney Stones!

I know, I shouldn’t have. 😉

I started passing some of them today, and with the wonderful feeling they gave me over the week, I felt the need to pass those same feelings on.