New Template. And Some Non Important Observations.

I dig this template much more than the last one.

It’s raining here.  I find it interesting that in the 2 or so years that we have been living down here in NC, I have heard more emergency weather alerts than I did my entire life up unto this point.

It’s interesting living in a state that is so small north to south.  I can be in Virginia in about an hour.

There is REALLY and I do mean REALLY nasty weather one county west of here.  Thinking about powering everything down and going to bed, or to the deck to watch it pass by.

Everyone out there that reads this needs to join

Due to the IRS being a bag of dicks, this portion of the Fritz Fam won’t be getting the Economic Stimulus package until the end of June.  That means I won’t have a new XBOX until end of June beginning of July.


I am going to wear my Netflix account out. now has iPod support.  This thrills me because I use it to listen to music more than I do iTunes.

I might need to do some top 5 lists in the future.  Movies, Music, Women I Would Love To Beat With A Shovel.. ya know, the typical stuff.

I am out.  Gonna go listen to music or the rain.  Can’t decide!

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