That right there is the new 3G iPhone. This means I will be doing something I said I would never do. I am going back to AT&T and I am going to get one.

The only hard part will be the wait. July 11th is the launch day, and I will be damned if I am going to line up and wait for one. They didn’t sell out on the first day with the first gen phone, and I don’t think they will sell out of these. Apple tends to do the opposite of what Nintendo seems to be doing with the Wii. Nintendo is short producing on purpose, I will be you dollars to donuts that Apple has been making these for a couple of months now. That ensures that there will be plenty of them to go around at launch time.

This phone promises to be spectacular. The numbers that are claimed by Apple in terms of battery and performance are most impressive.

Once I get my mitts on one I will be sure to bore all of you with tales of it’s coolness. But I also promise not to rub in the fact that I am slightly cooler than you by having one. HA!

That over there is the cover art for the new Nine Inch Nails album The Slip. This is the album that is currently in rotation on my iPod. The best part, it was free, legally downloaded for free. Trent Reznor put the album out at no charge in several different formats through his website. The fact that it is free doesn’t make it a great album, the fact that the songs are great make it a great album. Even Dad got into it a little.

I think it is pretty cool that he put this out there for free. He is able to do that because he doesn’t have a record company to answer to.

The songs Discipline and 1,000,000 are great tracks, but Dad is right, they do tend to sound alike after a while. But when put into a random rotation with some other tunes they tend to grate on you a little less. This is turning out to be a summer of music from my favorite bands! Nine Inch Nails, The Offspring, Weezer, Disturbed all have new albums out. I have a lot of new music to listen to. Gonna be a loud vacation on Hilton Head this year!

Thanks for tuning in to what has to be my most lengthy blog entry ever. I’m out!

    • Jangle Pete
    • June 12th, 2008

    I never got into NIN – as for the iphone, I’ll be watching the hullaballoo with interest. TH

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