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Hell Weekend in NC Retail Pt. 1

This weekend is this years North Carolina Tax Free weekend. Where the state eliminates the tax on things like computers…oh yeah, James sells computers. So, Friday though Sunday James will be talking computers non stop to those folk that will be buying for themselves or for Bobby and Sally to go back to school with. I was told that I will be at the Apple Table all weekend, if that pans out all this complaining will be for nothing.

Look at the counter to your right. We are rapidly approaching vacation. I will be a busy man this month. 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be spent at work, the 15th and 16th helping friends move, 22nd-31st spent on the beach. Then it will be time to wait for a year before vacation again. We Fritzes tend to live for one week a year.

Not much else going on. Hope to update a couple more times before leaving all behind for the waves.



Thanks…(Those with sensitive ears…look away!)

Thanks Sprint. When I called to add my lovely new phone I didn’t fucking ask you to change the details and services contained in my contract with you.

It did not give you the right to fucking remove the unlimited data plan I have on phone. That right there boys and girls caused a 75.00 charge to appear on the bill. It should have only been 15.00.

Do I get to charge you a early termination fee for altering my contract without my consent?!? No, it doesn’t give me that right. You fucking pricks.

Remind me again why I stay with you? I left AT&T for this shit, and I will go to someone else (probably AT&T for an iPhone) eventually because you are not paying attention.

Just had to vent. No, John I will not be switching to the big red check mark anytime soon…


2 Weeks…

Caitlyn Found Nemo…

It’s been a while since I have blogged. To tell the truth, I haven’t been much in the mood to do so. The in-laws were in town of the weekends of the 4th and 11th. So the normal quiet of the house was gone. We had a good time, most of mine was spent at work. I took Sunday the 6th off to go to Wilmington/Carolina Beach, NC to show the in-laws the sights. We took Caitlyn to the Aquarium at Fort Fisher. She had a great time, and found Nemo. Then we went to the Battleship North Carolina so that Sarahs dad could take the tour. I took the tour with him. Sarah and I had been there on our honeymoon, and since the tour is self guided it took us about an hour to make it though everything. Following Sarahs dad we did the same tour and saw the same things in about 15 minutes. I was really beat after that. After that we went to dinner, but that sucked so hardcore we won’t talk about it.

We are getting close to Hilton Head time. Can’t wait for John and Tosha to join us for some beachy fun.

I finally got another XBOX 360. After 55 days without one it was pretty nice to be able to game, as well as take advantage of its media streaming abilities. I have my Apple linked to it through some software and my network, so I can listen to my entire collection of music while I play games. Pretty nifty!

Not much else going on. I applied for another leadership position at work, 2nd in 3 months, and was denied again. I will officially stop trying to move up now.

I am looking forward to the new Batman movie. On the list of things I want to see The Dark Knight leads Wall-E and Hellboy II.

Well, that is all. Thanks for stopping in!

Da Burgh

Things like this are a reason why I am proud to say I am from Pittsburgh, and a Steelers Fan!