Hell Weekend in NC Retail Pt. 1

This weekend is this years North Carolina Tax Free weekend. Where the state eliminates the tax on things like computers…oh yeah, James sells computers. So, Friday though Sunday James will be talking computers non stop to those folk that will be buying for themselves or for Bobby and Sally to go back to school with. I was told that I will be at the Apple Table all weekend, if that pans out all this complaining will be for nothing.

Look at the counter to your right. We are rapidly approaching vacation. I will be a busy man this month. 1st, 2nd, 3rd will be spent at work, the 15th and 16th helping friends move, 22nd-31st spent on the beach. Then it will be time to wait for a year before vacation again. We Fritzes tend to live for one week a year.

Not much else going on. Hope to update a couple more times before leaving all behind for the waves.


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