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Yeah, I did it!

I have what I refer to as the 1st Annual Vacation Mohawk. My Mother is probably going to be thrilled. 😉 Pics Below…

See you after vacation!!


Holy Shit!!!

After 13 years! My number 3 all time favorite band is BACK! I am listening to the album now. They haven’t missed a beat! I am like a little school girl!! This is fucking fantastic!!!!!!


Sorry, I can’t control this excitement!!!

Enough exclamation points! w00t!!

I will post a review… Not that anyone that reads this blog would care..


iPod Touch, I Has One!

It’s pretty much the best thing ever! Below is a picture of the amazing device. I love it. The original is/was pretty killer, this thing is beyond that!
Below is Maru in socks. He was licking his rear paws. We had to document the occasion with a picture. Enjoy.
That’s pretty much all I got…

Hell Weekend in NC Retail Pt. 3 & 4.

Ok, it’s over for another year. Saturday and Sunday in the books. Total I sold a measly 3 apples. As a store we sold many many more than that.

I have a headache. I am mentally drained. Physically however, I am doing just a little worse than I expected. My left knee is telling me never to spend this much time on it at a stretch.

I probably made Best Buy twice my yearly income this weekend for them. I think that may be part of the mental drain.

I am sitting at my parents house right now, watching James Bond save the world, waiting for dinner to happen. I think Teri Hatcher will be taking that dress off shortly. WEEEEE!

I might attempt to play COD4 tonight with the guys. Then again I might just sleep until I have to work tomorrow.

Now it is down hill until vacation. I think we/I earned it.

Dress removal in 3,2,1…

Ok, I’m done for now. Talk to you all later!

Hell Weekend in NC Retail Pt. 2

Well, Day one is in the bag. At least for me it is. Remember what I said about my being at the Apple table all weekend. Yeah, not so much. I sold 2 Apples total. So much for utilizing the expert.

Went to dinner @ the Clarks last night. Had a good time. Caitlyn really loves their dogs.

I am going to go play Guitar Hero after this. Caitlyn and the Wife aren’t home yet. This has me puzzled.

Closer to Vacation. Hang in there John and Tosha, we are getting there! Let us not wish the time away, or we might lose that week in the rush!

Peace out all.