Hell Weekend in NC Retail Pt. 3 & 4.

Ok, it’s over for another year. Saturday and Sunday in the books. Total I sold a measly 3 apples. As a store we sold many many more than that.

I have a headache. I am mentally drained. Physically however, I am doing just a little worse than I expected. My left knee is telling me never to spend this much time on it at a stretch.

I probably made Best Buy twice my yearly income this weekend for them. I think that may be part of the mental drain.

I am sitting at my parents house right now, watching James Bond save the world, waiting for dinner to happen. I think Teri Hatcher will be taking that dress off shortly. WEEEEE!

I might attempt to play COD4 tonight with the guys. Then again I might just sleep until I have to work tomorrow.

Now it is down hill until vacation. I think we/I earned it.

Dress removal in 3,2,1…

Ok, I’m done for now. Talk to you all later!

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