My Effin Head Hurts.

Finally back to sorta normal after vacation ’08.

I think something is really wrong, I have touched the XBOX 360 3 times since getting back. I have been lucky/unlucky enough to have nothing but opening shifts at work the the past 2 months. The problem with that is I seem to not be able to stay up much past 2230 or 2300. That means that my time on the 360 is non existent. I hope to get on tonight and play with the guys.

Trying to potty train the kid. She will go near the potty with Sarah, won’t have anything to do with it with me. I try to make it a game, or fun, or tell her that she has to teach me how to do it, but nothing seems to work.

She is watching My Friends Tigger and Pooh. When it is over I will attempt to get her to go again.

I was all hyped up, thought today was the release of the new Metallica album. I was wrong, I guess they don’t like Tuesdays. The real release date is on Friday. Interesting.

I will be getting the collectors edition, that way I can play the songs on Guitar Hero III!

I’m going to go take some pain dullers and attempt to get Caitlyn to potty.

Talk to y’all later…

    • emily
    • September 10th, 2008

    i just want to say that your profile picture scares the livin’ bejeezus out of me…..

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