Dad Was Right.

Yeah, it hurts to say it. But the ole man was right. The tens of you that read this blog need to go now, and watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (Thanks

I know what you are going to say next. “But James, you hate Joss Whedon.” Yup and I still do. But that does not prevent me from enjoying this.

So, go, now, watch it. I laughed quite a bit at it. Dad thinks I will watch Firefly now as a result. I can see John shaking his head in agreement. I don’t think I will. Who knows. Dad was right about Battlestar Galactica, and Dr. Horrible, and blah blah blah


Go watch Dr. Horrible. Damnit.

    • The Big Daddy
    • October 2nd, 2008

    AND…..AND….I’m the one who told you to buy that Zakk Wylde c/d because he plays so hot on Ozzy’s c/d’s…..


    “Dad, You’re a Genius….”

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