Weeeee! That’s Pronounced Weeeeeeee!

Well. Not much to say, but I am bound and determined to blog once a week. Even if it is to have a post of nonsense.

This is the last day of my 1st 3 day weekend. I kinda liked it. It’s letting me get my head space cleaned out. It is also letting me be with Caitlyn more, which is exactly what I want!

Let’s talk about 2 things that might surprise the 5 of you that read this blog and know me well.

1) I have never seen the Godfather Trilogy.

2) I have never seen Blade Runner.

Yes, James Fritz the huge movie nut, has never seen 4 of the most important movies of our time. Shocking? Everyone I tell that to looks at me like I just told them that I saw Jesus Christ naked once.

I have Blade Runner sitting next to me. I can easily put the Godfather movies on the queue at Netflix. Blade Runner is my type of movie. Sci Fi. I watched peices of it to see what it looked like. I remember catching glimpses of it when the old man would watch it. But thats about it.

My grandmother loved the Godfather series. When my family was at the height of watching those movies I was too young to understand or even care about watching them. I might put them on the queue today. Not near the top, I mean c’mon I have Herbie the Love Bug to watch. It’s all about priorites people!

Blade Runner will be checked off by the end of the week, possibly by the end of the day. Sarah is helping the folks pack up house for the move north. I will be Mr. Mom today. I think Peanut and I will have fun tonight. Who knows. I might even smile.

Peace Out!

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