Here we are. I have a headache.

Today decides who takes the idiots place in the palace. I don’t vote. There are various reasons why. The most important being that I don’t agree with the electoral college system. Another reason being, that neither of the canadates have proven to me that they deserve my vote. McCain is a smear campaiging asshole. I don’t dislike Obama, and I do feel he would be the lesser of the 2 evils, he just hasn’t proven to me that he can be the most powerful man in the world. He is an amazing speaker, and a very powerful motivator as a result. That’s it in a nutshell. I am just looking forward to not having to see the ads on TV. I’m sick of the attacking that’s going on. Remember folks these are the people you are trusting to make decisions for you, to make your life better. It has turned into grade school name calling. It makes me tired.

Am I wrong for thinking this way? Am I wrong for nor voting? Possibly. But that’s what makes this country great. I have the freedom to not do what Kayne and Puffy told me to do.

That’s it this time. Later.

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    • The Big Daddy
    • November 7th, 2008

    It’s your right to NOT vote and it’s your right to still bitch about everyone’s stupid choice. As you know I have successfully abstained since voting for McGovern in ’68. 40 years and holding. Nixon won anyway and look what happened.

    I do, however, feel that Obama is a lot less petty and mean-spirited than “2thumbs-up” McCain.

    “All we are saying is give peace a chance…” – J W L

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