Cat. Out./Bag. Empty.

Well, I let the folks at the big blue box know that I will be going part time. It was difficult for me to tell how they took it. Honestly, at this point in the game, I’m not concerned how they took it. I am not going to miss an opportunity to spend time with Caitlyn. This move will also allow me to concentrate on graphic design again. Maybe this time I will get something off the ground that will allow me to clip the string to Best Buy all together.

I have been digging the change to the dashboard on the XBOX 360. The best added feature is the ability to stream Netflix through it. I can update my Watch It Now queue and watch movies on the XBOX with fantastic picture quality.

I just started my “Guitar!” station on Pandora over again. Dad would love it…NOT! Nothing but players like Vai, Satriani, Morse, Petrucci… That’s right Dad, no words, lots of notes! See, look at him cringe.

Pandora is amazing! I am thrilled it is still around!

We have been Skype’ing with my parents and Sarah’s parents, and I have even had the distinct pleasure of Skype’ing with Mr. Tom Hitt. It is a truly remarkable free technology. It makes the physical distance between us a little more tolerable.

Black Friday and as I now call it, Shitty Saturday are in the books. I hope that this is my last holiday season with Best Buy. Another on might kill me.

Not much else to say. We are prepping for the holidays here. Spending time with friends and family. Mom and Dad will be down here next weekend, and then back for xmas. Looking forward to spending what time I can with them.

That is all for now. Thanks fer readin!


    • Jangle Pete
    • December 7th, 2008

    I’m glad you will be looking at a return to your graphic arts work. If you can force yourself to work 2-3 hours each day and develop your portfolio you should be able to get some clients pretty quickly – especially if you do layouts on the computer. I’ve got a buddy here that does quite well with his design company. If you ever run into anyone who needs audio let me know – distance is rarely a factor in audio delivery these days…

    Have fun with the Peanut!

    • The Big Daddy
    • December 10th, 2008

    this is me cringing…

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