Archive for January 31st, 2009


Well. Here we are. Back to the old home town. We are here for my Grandfathers 80th Birthday. As I have mentioned before this is my first time back home in 2 years. My wife asked me recently if I missed it here. I told her that I missed being near my family. I don’t miss “here”. It’s going to be great fun to sit and catch up with everyone. I think by the time I get this published the party will be over. I’m writing this in bed on my iPod in my wife’s parents basement. I find it odd that my family, Mom and Dad. Emily and Sam. Are now included in the group that has to make the multi-state trip to make it to family functions. I thought I would live my entire life in SWPA. I guess life is never as you think it is going to be. In my mind eye I think that I have to go to high school on Monday. It’s hard for me to beleive that my sister is going to grad school, or that my oldest cousin, whom I remember holding as a baby, is now a teacher. To me she is still “Booger”.

It took me ages to realize that there is nothing more important on this giant ball of mud than my family. I hope that Caitlyn understands it quicker than I did. I will do everything in my power to make sure the physical distance between her and her family is never a factor.

Goodnight All