It’s been quite a while since I have had some thing to post here, to tell the truth I don’t have much to say right now.  I just felt the need to put something down here other than lists and videos from YouTube.

I guess I can talk about some of the things that are going on here/with us in NC.  I am still a part time Best Buy associate, and as of the 15th of this month I will be a Geek Squad agent.  That should be very interesting.  Before anyone asks, no I don’t get to drive the Bug.  I tried for that position ages ago and failed all but the Apple portion of the test.  Nope, I will be the smiling face you see behind the counter at your Best Buy’s GS.

I finally moved into the HDTV world with the purchase of a 32″ Toshiba LCD.  Gonna watch last weeks Battlestar in HD tonight.  This will be the first time seeing the show in HD.  Hopefully it is a Boomer laden episode because she is HAWT!  The Xbox 360 looks GREAT on it!

From the Dad told you so file, I have given Joss Wheadon a chance and I am watching Dollhouse.  It’s pretty “meh” so far, and since we are watching last weeks episode tonight, if it isn’t good I will be removing it from the DVR.  I have been sucked into Batman The Brave and The Bold as well. I wish we got Cartoon Network HD so I could enjoy it that way.  Excellent series using old villians and partnering Batman with various heros from the DC’verse.

Been playing Call of Duty almost nightly.  Looking forward to the new maps this month, and from what they say the new Modern Warfare 2 will hit this holiday season!  I guess I need to get cracking and finish the single player missions in World at War.

Well I guess thats about it.  Thanks for stopping by.

– James

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