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Gary Fritz’ Laws

I try to follow a few rules in my life.  They will now be referred to as Gary Fritz’ Laws. He instilled these beliefs in me. Now that it has been about a yeah and a half since his passing I am relying more and more on these laws to get me through daily life. Since he used to be a phone call away when I needed him and ALWAYS got me though the bullshit, when the bullshit happens now, the phone can never be used.

Law #1:

Family First! – Above all else, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Law #2:

Trust No One! – Rather simple really. The law applies to people you don’t know well, but can serve you well with anyone.

Law #3:

Never Prey On Those That Are Defenseless Or Can’t Fight Back For Themselves! – His words to me were, “You do anything and everything in your power to put a stop to it.” (See Also, You want some mercy? Show some first.”)

Law #4:

There Will Always Be Someone Bigger, Faster, Stronger, etc. – Be humble, and if need be, fight dirty.  Be prepared to be fought dirty with, prepare to be humbled.

Law #5:

Emotional Content – Focusing your emotions in everything you do. Keep your emotions in check, and never letting them control you gives you greater control of your situation and the people around you. You will also expend less energy in reaching your goals. “It’s like a finger pointing a way to the moon. Don’t concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory.” – Yeah, Dad borrowed from Bruce Lee.

I can’t really think of anymore at this moment. I am sure there will be more to come.  It’s good to “write” them down.  Makes it easier to remember for later.


Shake Off The Dust…Arise

I keep typing in this box. Deleting what I had put down and typing something different and deleting that.

I don’t have much to say.

Things have sort of leveled off emotionally and mentally for me. I didn’t really have time to grieve, so I figured it would be best not to.  It’s not how Dad would have wanted it anyway.

So, I fill my days with Caitlyn, music, movies, games, comics and reading about all of those things.

I am listening to the Valleys of Neptune album from the Hendrix vault. If you haven’t heard it, I strongly recommend doing so. Some tracks you have heard, some you have not, as well as different recordings of some of his others. The cut of Red House is 8 minutes of amazing.

Bought a, new to us anyway, car on Monday.  A 1996 Mercedes Benz E320. For 14 years old it is in excellent condition, and I feel we got it for a song.  I will be posting pictures of it when the weather clears and I can get it clean. We bought it on a VERY rainy day, and it hasn’t cleared up since.

Caitlyn is now 4. Active. Stubborn. Intelligent. and Amazing. It has been quite fun to be home with her almost every day.  She has quite an imagination, and entertains herself quite well. We won’t get into the fact that she has to be one of the most strong willed children I have encountered. EVER.

I think this is it for right now.