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Time Spent Away

Well. Spent this past weekend in PA. Partied. Drank. Helped out so that my family could be better set up in the computer world. Saw my mothers new placenof living. Spent time with family. Slept in the least comfortable bed on the planet.

Not much else to say. Might have more later. Later.




I’m coming to you live from my iPod Touch.

Another visit from the Easter Bunny has come and gone leaving Caitlyn some toys and books in it’s wake. We had the first annual Easter Pizza made by my sister. It was fantastic. We then sat around in our glut and played Peggle on the Xbox. Sam is the Peggle Rain Man. It’s nuts watching him play.

I’m still getting used to the ropes at the Geek Squad. The amount of procedure to learn/remember is daunting when you are only there 3 days a week. I’m sure I will get the hang of it soon. The guys I work with make the job easy and the learning a piece of cake.

We are coming up on Caitlyns 3rd birthday. Man. Time flies.

I have been spending my free time playing Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero Metallca as well as Call of Duty on the Xbox.

Soon my time will be taken up with things involving the start of a business. Along with two of my Geek Squad co-workers I’m starting a multimedia company focusing on web design. Should be fun to try to take a bite of the golden apple and be my own boss. Details on this as they progress.

I’m going to sign off now. I think it’s time for a shower. Who knows…



I spent the last few days in Pennsylvania trying to go through some of my fathers things. Everyone is well aware of the mans love of collecting things. Now, some of those things are now my things. Found some things I forgot he had. Tons of sports card, not to mention the endless amount of comic books. I have his cedar practice samurai swords, and a push daggar I beleive nicked the drum of the clothes dryer.

Having to dig through some of that stuff and knowing here is much more to go through and make room for has become an eye opener. I will be going though the major piles of stuff of my own an anything that isn’t of sentimental importance will be heading to the heap. I don’t need to keep 4 cd drives for my old computers. See what I mean.

Thought I would share. I hope to be more frequent in my posts.

Thanks for stopping by.


One Mo Day

One of the joys of a road trip is filling the iPod with music. So. Today I will pull all the music off this device and refill it. It make the trip much easier when you have your own music to listen to.

We are heading to PA for my Grandfathers birthday. This is also my first time back to PA in almost 2 years. Working full time in retail can put a hamper on taking weekends off.

Bonus part of the weekend it being able to watch the Steelers in the Super Bowl in Pittsburgh.

Let’s hope the weather cooperates while we are on the road.


Wordpress iPhone/iPod Touch App

This is a test of the WordPress app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This seals it. I’m staying here.

Bye Blogger!

Here is a pic of the theme I am using on my iPod Touch.