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Wordpress iPhone/iPod Touch App

This is a test of the WordPress app for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This seals it. I’m staying here.

Bye Blogger!

Here is a pic of the theme I am using on my iPod Touch.


Testing Out Wordpress.

I am thinking of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  I have imported my blog into this one to test it out and to see what it looks like a little more full.  I like it so far.  I am going to work on finding out if I can post here and have it feed my blogger address.  I may just close the blogger address all together. I also will be working on a custom header image.  I have to boot over to my Windows Vista partition to use Photoshop. I can’t get that to run on the Windows 7 Beta build.  Anywho, stay tuned.  I think this may be my new home.