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Without getting into all the details I am just posting this to inform readers that I have left Best Buy.  If you want all the details feel free to email me and I will give you the scoop.  Let’s just say that it was very ugly and under the worst possible circumstances.

If the new mangers are meant to be there to stir things up and make waves  and changes then job well done.  I didn’t know that calling employees out about how they are doing their job so that others can plainly hear is how things are done.  Respect is earned not granted to you.  Think about that the next time you decide to swing your manager “junk” around so others can see it.  It will be interesting to see whether the store where I built great friendships, and relationships with customers and employees alike survives someone that seems to act the opposite of how a model Best Buy employee is supposed to.  I don’t claim to be a model employee, but I did treat the people that respected me the same way.

Oh well, they don’t get to benefit from my expertise anymore.

I feel strangely liberated.  Now to find another job in retail. Stay tuned to find out whats going on!

Thanks for reading.

– James


Last Blog of `08!

Well. It’s been an interesting year. I am glad everyone has made it through the year generally unscathed.

The Xmas fun is over of another year, we all got some really killer stuff, and pretty soon Caitlyn will be keeping all her toys in a separate room. Next year I would like for her to get more books, ot maybe a house to put the stuff in. Perhaps some money for college. Toys are, for the most part, covered!

Sarah got Jewelry, and a game for the Wii. I got some books, tools, Iron Man and The Dark Knight on DVD and the Red XBOX 360 Controller! I got some iTunes money as well!

We ate like pigs, slept, ya know, the typical Fritz Xmas morning, we all had naps. It’s what we do.

I got a care package from Mr. Hitt featuring the Music Roulette stash. Haven’t had time to sift through it yet. I am sure I will.

I am now a part time employee at Best Buy. It feels really good, even though I can’t get my head out of Full Timer mode. I feel like I should be there right now. I am sure that will pass.

I am using a beta version of Windows 7 on my Windows box, so far I am very impressed with it. Very smooth, and stable for a beta. If it remains this fast, I don’t think I would have any complaints about it at all. We shall see.

I would like to take this time to wish everyone that reads this blog a happy and healthy 2009. I may start VidBlogging for 2009. Lucky you!!