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Open Letter…

This is an open letter to you, the asshole coming from the other direction on the interstate.  You know who you are, you, yeah you, the idiot with your high beams on.  What’s the matter??  The lights from the cars around you and on the poles above you not enough?  If you are that fucking blind that you need your brights to drive, I am glad I am going in the opposite direction than you are.  You shouldn’t be driving retard!

Thank you, that is all.



1/20/09 Snow in NC

1/20/09 Snow in NC, originally uploaded by idrvfast.

It snowed last night, and at last check it is still coming down. Not heavy mind you, and this is in no way what I would call real snow. It is still treated as real snow here in the land of dixie, people are freaking out and the news programs aren’t reporting news, they are talking about snow.

It’s Inauguration Day for the 1st African American president, and these morons are talking about snow. PANIC!!!!!

Gonna get Caitlyn outside in it shortly. Pictures of that to follow!