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1/20/09 Snow in NC

1/20/09 Snow in NC, originally uploaded by idrvfast.

It snowed last night, and at last check it is still coming down. Not heavy mind you, and this is in no way what I would call real snow. It is still treated as real snow here in the land of dixie, people are freaking out and the news programs aren’t reporting news, they are talking about snow.

It’s Inauguration Day for the 1st African American president, and these morons are talking about snow. PANIC!!!!!

Gonna get Caitlyn outside in it shortly. Pictures of that to follow!


Hot Wheels!!

I love Macro style photography.

Surf Truck

I plan on taking more!

Holiday Pictures

I’m slow at getting these things out for people to see.
Caitlyn getting a closer look at her gift!

Everyone needs magnetic fridge LETTERS (Happy Em?)!

I gots me a readin book!

That’s all I gots right now. We don’t do pictures well.

Welcome to 2009 peoples!