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It Has Begun…


After a lapse of a few months, the planning stages of getting JM Design Studios off the ground are in full swing.  What you see above is the company logo.  I also started on the basic layout of the site today, and I hope to thrash/hobble out the coding of it so that we can get it to the web.  Not that we have hosting or anything.  Oh well, at least our “look” has been established.  I thought you would all enjoy a look into what was going down, other than text stating that it was going down. Yeah.

I’m off to do battle with some supreme acid reflux. I love Papa John’s but it damn near kills me every time!



Testing Out WordPress.

I am thinking of moving my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  I have imported my blog into this one to test it out and to see what it looks like a little more full.  I like it so far.  I am going to work on finding out if I can post here and have it feed my blogger address.  I may just close the blogger address all together. I also will be working on a custom header image.  I have to boot over to my Windows Vista partition to use Photoshop. I can’t get that to run on the Windows 7 Beta build.  Anywho, stay tuned.  I think this may be my new home.