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*Insert Boring Title Here*

I just realized it has been quite a while since my last update. Not much going on around here. The weather is starting to break. Should hit the high 70s this week. I love it down here.

March Madness is on, and I live in College Basketball, USA. The problem with that is the fact that I can’t stand basketball in any fashion. Any sport where you can’t hold your opponent to shutouts isn’t a sport. That is why I am thrilled that Baseball is on the horizon. I have to get to a Durham Bulls game, or maybe take a trip to Kannapolis to see the Intimidators play. There are more Minor League teams down here than there are pro teams.

I have moved to a new department at work. I am working as a Customer Assistant. I get to go from busy department to busy department and help ‘dig them out’ so to speak. I am hoping I get to keep my Apple Expert title as well.

Caitlyn enjoyed her Easter. The bunny left eggs all over the living and dining room for her to find. She got some clothes, and some snacks as well. She is turning out to be another Fritz rather rapidly. Defiant, and stubborn. I don’t know if it is the fact that she is almost 2 or if its the genetics.

Well. Not much else to say. Thanks for reading.


1 Week Back.

I have been back to work for a week now. As a result I am exhausted. My knee doesn’t hurt, but EVERYTHING else does.

I spent Sunday night working Physical Inventory at work. That put the tired into overdrive!

But I have today and tomorrow off. So I can sit and relax.

Right now, Caitlyn is watching Playhouse Disney. I am making sure that my mp3 ID3 tags are correct. Such fun.