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Greetings all. Thought I would stop by and say hello.

Sarah is out of town on business, and I am home alone with Caitlyn. It has been pretty calm for the most part. No major meltdowns just yet. I imagine things will be just fine over all.

I got a new telemaphone. And with it I can blog from the out of doors. Feel free to check out my mobile blog. You might find it interesting. I think it is amazing that I can post shit to the web with a cell phone. Even as a tech guy, I can still find shit amazing….

Netflix and Gamefly are 2 of the greatest inventions of our time.

I have a new title at work. I am now “Apple Expert”. I like love it. I don’t claim to be a what Apple would call a Genius, but I know enough to do the job. I learn more everyday. Enough to know that I will never purchase a Windows based PC ever again.

Thanks for stopping by.



The Spirit Of The Age

Fucking A! The Pumpkins are back and better than ever! This album is amazing from beginning to end! This album along with Libertad from Velvet Revolver, this is a good month for rock fans!

Vacation is almost upon us. Just about 1 month away, and I will be disconnected from the world. I am making a effort to not bring my iBook or Xbox or PS2. I will have to have a phone with me, thats just a given, as well as my ipod. What fun is the beach with no tunes!

I have to go book shopping before we go though, I just finished up the last book in the Otori saga. Those were amazing books.

Well, back to Billy Corgan and crew for the 3rd time in as many days. Maybe rock is coming back around.

Later….. Y’all…..

File Under Unfortunate….

I just found out that Jason Lee will be providing the voice of Underdog in the live action movie.

This saddens me.

Jason Lee, for those that are uneducated in the View Askewniverse, would be Brodie Bruce from Mallrats, Bankie Edwards from Chasing Amy, Azrael in Dogma. He was also the voice of Syndrome in The Incredibles.

From My Name is Earl to a Talking dog in what is bound to be a steaming pile of shit.

Oh well. I guess being a whore only works for Paris Hilton.