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I am at home with Caitlyn tonight. She is watching Noggin before bed. Her mother and aunt and grandmother are at the movies to see Sex In The City. I will gladly watch her rather than sit through that estrogen fest.

The interview went well, but I am still less than optimistic of my chances. There are 3 of us that have applied for the position, 2 interviews today, and one on Monday. I was told I should know on Wednesday or so.

The gravity of that situation just hit me. Literally, just hit me. I don’t know how to feel about it. I think it went well, but I am the kind of person to be defeated out of the box. That way if things go well all it good, but if they don’t roll my way I am not disappointed.

Maybe I should seek professional help. 🙂

Who knows!

Tomorrow is another Apple Talk at Best Buy in Durham, NC. I like the fact that I am apart of something like that. Rather than try to be a salesman, I can teach about the product to people that have made the move, or are thinking of making the move.

I am going to go now! Stay tuned, as I will reveal my fate sometime next week!



A Witty Saying Proves Nothing.

Tomorrow is my interview. I actually have a time, which is a good sign I guess. 3pm.

I was prepared about 3 weeks ago. Lord knows how this is going to turn out.

Can you tell I am a pessimist?

The internet tubes were clogged this evening. I spent the night listening to my iTunes collection. I have some weird shit in there!

Well. It’s time to drag the iPod to bed, and join the land of slumber!

I hope to have a post tomorrow about how badly I feel the interview went…

Here goes something…

Click It or, Ticket…

Let my blunder be a lesson to all…

Buckle Up.

I got popped this morning on my way to work for not having my seatbelt on.

$100 bucks lighter as a result. 

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Iron Man.

Saw it with Dad tonight.

It passed his test with flying colors.

Me, I am a whore for anything with Robert Downey, Jr. in it.


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I Love Apples…And Pie Too!

Vloging is easy when there is only one of you at home…

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More Video!

Here is a New vlog!

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No Title. Just A Funny…

Political Picture - Bill & Hillary Clinton

I find this to be funny.

Mainly because it is true.

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